For the next month, I’ll be preparing for battle. I’ll be preparing for hardships. For tough times. For inevitable failures. For the potential successes that follow those failures (and the raging celebrations you’ll all be invited to when they actually occur).

To say the last few years have been a rollercoaster would be an understatement. In a single year, I experienced the biggest lost I could ever imagine while also having the most successful business year to date. I sat and cried with friends as they grieved similar losses and yet, unbenounced to us, we grew. We became stronger and wiser in what we believe is still a somewhat of a young age (I’m told we’re still millennials, that counts right?)

And honestly, that’s as far as I can usually talk about things without hitting that emotional pin prick that pops the bubble of tears that takes what feels like hours to bounce back from. Which is also why you haven’t seen any significant blog post from me in almost 2 years.

I keep saying “there will be a time when I’m ready to share” and it’s becoming more and more apparent that you’re never truly ready. You’re never truly ready to lose a family member (or talk about it). You’re never truly ready to jump into your dreams. You’re never truly ready to go to battle.

In January I took a road trip with a dear friend. Weeks prior, we had agreed on a new business arrangement. We were taking a road trip to celebrate, to recharge, to build something fresh. I called it Florida Tour – Tampa to the Everglades down to Key West for 3 days followed by Miami and a final stop in Orlando for a photography conference.

The trip was great. The photos are wonderful. The moments of living in complete freedom took me back to my original dream. My plan. My desire that I had convinced myself I wasn’t ready for.

We’re here on earth for a short minute. And as much as I loved what I was doing outside of my business here as a photographer, I realized how much of my life was being monopolized from it. For those that don’t know, I’ve spent the last 6 years at a local arts nonprofit doing everything from patron relations and tickets to most recently directing their marketing efforts. It’s what I went to school for. I was one of the few from my program actually working in my field and loving it.

I had always wanted to dedicate 100% of my efforts to my photography business. It was the plan afterwall. I’d pay off my student loans , I’d pay off my car and my credit card debt. Then, when I was financially stable, then I’d move 100% of my career to my business. Then I’d be “ready,” I told myself.

But somewhere on that trip back up the keys into Key Biscayne under a palm tree blowing in the sun, that drive, that passion, that intense desire to be free, to live life wildly, and take full advantage for what time, if any, that I have left on this earth snuck in and said “what are you waiting for?”

What are you waiting for?

Last month I told my employer that this would be my last season with them. I’m far from what I had always anticipated as being “ready” but I’ve been shown so much incredible support from my tribe (thank you!)… and it’s time.

So while my business has usually taken 40 hours of my week on top of my “day job”, in 30 days my business will be 100% of my career efforts. I’m going to battle for what I believe is what I’m meant to do. I’m going to battle for my business, my livelihood, and my dreams. And as terrifying as this is, I’m more excited for the adventure than the destination.

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