Are you morning people?

That’s how I ask you if you want to suffer through an exhausting morning with me…. making absolute magic.

Seriously. I often forget how beautiful sunrise sessions can be. Probably because I love my sleep oh so much and I’m more of a night owl than an early bird. Rebecca and Luke were up for the challenge and I think we all hit it out of the park. It was hard though, I mean, how many times did we stop just to take in our surroundings, guys?

I knew it had been windy the day before but it wasn’t until we all got out there that I realized we were in for some hurricane style winds. I looked like a crazy person with my hair in a messy bun on the top of my head in an attempt to keep it from blowing in front of my lens. Rebecca and Luke, however, didn’t let a little wind ruffle their feathers. I mean seriously, the wind blown look looks great on you!

When the sand blasting got too much, we headed down the road to Fort Pickens. Rebecca told me she’s a little bit of a history buff and I knew this would be a great space for them.

This may be my favorite photo. The closeness of Rebecca and Luke at the start their lives together while the fort stands around them strong, weathered, and crumbling from the years on Santa Rosa Island.

Early morning light like this is hard to replicate elsewhere. I made them come back to this spot so we could do a few more because the light changed and made it only more gorgeous.

Sun kissed and in love – just how I like ‘em! 😉

I really love what Fort Pickens provides as a backdrop and all the history and stories it provides. It’s no secret that this is a beautiful location for engagements and family portraits and while other photographers may steer away because of the popularity, I steer closer to it.


Because deep in the bellows of this old fort lie stories of not just war but passion. And with such strong bones and history, who wouldn’t want to add to those stories with more stories of love?  The ability to explore new locations and options with each visit makes this one of my favorites.

I always ask for special requests at these sessions. I want everyone to walk away with exactly what they were looking for. Rebecca said “Luke likes interesting trees?” which I of course, made a mission.


And on the outskirts of the fort lies a tree unlike all the others. We journeyed there while we talked of Boston and video games like Fallout. Oh, Rebecca and Luke, how I only wish I had met you sooner! I feel like we could be friends for life!

I wish you both the best as you start your incredible lives together! I can’t wait to see the beautiful images of your Nashville December wedding!


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